Mobile document exchange

SioPro allows you to access the documents directly from your smartphone or tablet. You have access to documents from anywhere when you need to see them on the screen and deliver them to the next workflow.


When applying new technology, your chosen software or application needs to improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity and reduce costs. The software for business management SioPro is of particular importance in the release of employees from routine tasks to focus on tasks with greater efficiency.

Access based on roles is password protected and allows you to set access control for users. You can set different controlled privileges of users.

Alerts and Notifications

Management of electronic invoices and documents can be a daunting task. With now you can set alerts and notification messages.

Easy to use interface is easy to use product and has a very simple navigation. You do not have to be tech-savvy to navigate through this software.

Electronic Document Exchange EDOC.BG

We offer services in mediation in electronic statements, including sending, receiving, recording and storage of electronic invoices and documents, subject to applicable law and in accordance with the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature and technological capabilities of the public exchange system electronic documents Try


SioPro team provides a full range of consulting services to solve your technical and business needs and supplement your IT resources. Our consultants focus on understanding your business processes and careful planning of the project to reduce risks and ensure completion of the project on time.

Business Analysis

Our team will prepare a data model and business processes according to customer requirements.

Software Development

We develop solutions through advanced platforms and database systems.

ERP Solutions

The choice of specialized ERP system management is an important decision for any company.


Instead of installing and maintenance software, just use via the Internet.

Real Cloud

You can store, search and view documents in their business processes over the Internet.

Constant Maintenance

We guarantee that you will not feel dry if ever you need support.


Having the right information at the right place at the right time is one of the key factors in the growth and survival of a company in this time of fierce competition and in today’s dynamically changing market environment. In order for today’s cutting edge databases to operate at peak efficiency, they need have access to information and data as soon as it is available. No matter how well designed your business’s information management system is, it can not be up to date and accurate without the latest information reflecting the most current information about production and market trends, and it can not get this information in today’s dynamic and mobil market place without an efficient and dependable way to transfer real time data using today’s cutting edge mobile devices for data collection and processing.

Financial Accounting

Publication of documents in a centralized database

Material Management

Viewing documents wherever you are

Sales and Distribution

Approval of the document before sending

Planning and Production Costs

Edit the document before sending

Assets Management

Give notice received document


Classifying documents before sending

Cash Funds

Store documents in a centralized database

Documents Exchange

Deleting a document and republishing


Why we exist - to provide products, services and solutions of the highest
quality for our customers, earn respect and loyalty.

Business management software SioPro

Our Mission

We help our clients use technology to reduce the time needed to turn ideas into value. In turn, they change industries and markets life.

Some of our customers use traditional IT environments. Most of them have switched to a secure cloud suitable for mobile infrastructure.

  • Solutions to succeed
  • Innovations for Today and Tomorrow
  • Expert knowledge
  • Advanced applications
  • Focus on quality
  • Model Partnership


Save time in your organization using our WEB-based
tools to automate repetitive business processes.














In 25 years of professional work, we have built a reputation as a reliable organization with a lot of experience.
We are investing skills, ideas and passion in every thing we do, because that is the way to be helpful to you.


Managing partner

Consulting experience in developing business and marketing strategies


Business development

Consulting experience in software business solutions and services


Software solutions

Experience in projects for optimization of business processes and structures


Mobile solutions

Experience in the field of information technology and networks

Our skills

NativeScript Mobile Applications
Database Development
Software Management
Business Intelligence


Completed is the first project to automate the design and technological documentation in mechanical engineering.

There are foundations of Bulgarian ERP system to automate financial and accounting activities SioPro.

11 years of successful development and implementation in more than 350 proizvodstveti and commercial predriyatiya the ERP system SioPro.

The beginning of multi-WEB-based management system and exchange of electronic documents.

We started, which offers much more than to send a paper document.

This is a comprehensive system that converts emails, invoices, contracts and other documents into valuable resources.


What would happen if all the wasted hours for processing and sending of paper documents used to increase konkurentnosta? offers effective process for sending documents. This approach defines the necessary steps of the workflow in collaboration between the companies.
We are committed to get all the advantages of digital document management, and protect your critical documents from losses and prying eyes.


The success of the business management system SioPro relies on proper
planning of the scope and needs of your organization - not only today but in the future.



Some of these companies have remained with us for all these 25 years,
others joined recently with a promising future to walk together.
We are proud to do everything for the benefit of our customers.


Whether you're on the go, whether you're in a meeting, work from home or a business trip
you can access the full functionality of SioPro, using your web browser.

Sofia Airport Center trust the team of SioPro

Sofia Airport Center business park is a mixed-use, providing work environment complying with international standards.
After a thorough study of business processes in the SAC, the team of eDoc perform complete implementation of SioPro ERP across all departments within the company. The project includes modules SioPro ERP governing commercial activity, logistics and storage, Accounting, CRM and BI, management and storage of documents in electronic form.

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Business app for all smartphones

We started SioPro Touch to Apple Iphones and Android phones and Windows, which is the first mobile solution on the market for the exchange of electronic documents.

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